Tuesday, 19 November 2019

The purpose of this site is to help you:

1. Earn BTC - using
mainly FREE methods, and 
2. Build large teams in them so you can earn way more. 

We mainly use 4 different kinds of programs to do this;

1. 3 BTC Faucets, 
2. 1 BTC Mining Browser and 
3. 1 PTC (Paid To Click) program
4.  2 Gaming Sites (only for those who like playing online Poker, Blackjack, etc.)

(After this - we do show a couple of paid ways to grow your earnings (CT Passive and Mirror Trading Int.) But these are purely optional if you wish to speed things up and have some BTC to invest with). 

You can earn small amounts of BTC by opening and using your FREE programs daily. They take minimal effort periodically throughout the day. But the way to earn more substantial amounts, is to refer them to others and build a sizeable team. Since they require NO money to use - this is much easier than marketing programs which are not Free.

"But I hate recruiting!"

I know how many people don't like to recruit. So we have created this Team Build in order to help people just like you to get ahead! Here's what we've created for you: 

1. This web site for you to select which programs to join and to access advertising resources. 

2. A URL Rotator to advertise YOUR REFERRAL LINK of any of the programs you join on the "Programs" page of this site. Then, I'm going to show YOU how to do the same thing for YOUR prospects to build your team with. Just send me your referral links to get them added to the Rotator. Reach me at Facebook or on Skype. 

Here is one URL Rotator link: http://trckhits.com//ro.php?id=925

3. Eric & Lou's Downline Builder will be ANOTHER high profile site with a 100% TARGETED audience for your referral links to be displayed at. 

4. Recommended Ad Sites  See the "Advertising" page for other places you can send targeted traffic to your program links from. We'll provide you with the tricks and tips to maximize these tools.  

Of course, we've also set up or are in process of setting up our own Social Networking sites a Facebook Page and Skype discussion for our team, where we can meet and brainstorm and get assistance.

So - if you like what you see - don't hesitate! Proceed to our Programs page, join any of the programs you are not already in, and make it a part of your daily routine to open them up each day and visit them roughly once per hour. 

Next, copy your Referral links and go to the Contact Us page and send them to me to add to our URL Rotator and elsewhere. 

Then, hit the Advertising page and review your options there to get your link out and start building YOUR TEAM!

Best of Luck to everyone! 

Louis ("Diamond Lou") Paquette
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/louis.paquette1
Skype ID: louis.paquette2 


*Earnings will vary.  Results will require visiting sites once per hour and then at least initially, putting effort into building a team.

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