The two best programs are the two top listed; CryptoTab Browser and GramFree has a high minimum withdrawal, but it supposed to work and earn far faster than all the others. This is because it is possible to BOOST EARNINGS at them by a factor of 10 times and more. Contact me to learn how this is done.

Bitcoin Mining

  • Earn 10 Levels deep with referrals!
  • BOOST earning by ten times with "Cloud Boost"  
 Bitcoin Faucets / Paid-Per-Action
    • Earn 50% of what referrals earn
    • Visit once per hour to earn with Faucet
    • Boost earnings 10 times with Reward Points    
      • Earn 50% of what referrals earn
      • Visit Faucet once per hour
      • Also earn with PTC ads, Videos, Offers, etc.

      BTC PTC

      • Earn 10% of what referrals earn
      • View Ads and Watch Videos

      • Pay NO Money To Play - But With REAL CASH! Poker - Black-Jack - Baccarat
      • Massive Cash Prizes - No Cost To Play!

      So! What should you do now, after joining one or more of the above programs?

      1. Send me your referral link and get me to add them to our Team URL Rotator
      2. Head to Advertising/Marketing and get busy with lots of FREE places to advertise and a couple of paid ones too
      3. Maybe consider setting up your OWN URL Rotator for your team.
      4. Use any Marketing resources you already have
      5. IF you are in a hurry and willing to spend money to earn faster, head over Paid Programs for a couple ways I use to do that. 
      6. Get on my mailing list for ways to speed your earnings in the free programs. Contact  

      That's about it for now! Let me know if you have any questions.

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